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  • Are your food trucks halal?
    Yes, all our trucks are halal.
  • Can we hire your food trucks for our event?
    Unfortunately, you CAN’T hire any of our trucks for events, as they are in permanent locations and don’t move from where they are. View Locations
  • Do you have any vegetarian or vegan options?
    We do have a vegetarian burger, which is packed with a range of delicious salads and a crispy patty! We unfortunately don’t have any vegan options.
  • Do you have any Gluten or dairy free options?
    Unfortunately, we don’t have any gluten/dairy free options available.
  • Do your food trucks offer delivery?
    We are available on multiple delivery service apps. Including Uber Eats, Menu Log & DoorDash (this may vary depending on the truck).
  • What are your trading hours?
    We are open every single day from 5pm
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